A mysterious white aircraft

At 9 a.m. on Jan. 12, 1910, according to an account in the New York Tribune, an airship was seen at Chattanooga, Tennessee. “‘Thousands saw the craft, and heard the ‘chug’ of its engine.’” It was later reported in Huntsville, Alabama, 75 miles away.

The airship was seen passing over Chattanooga for two additional days, seen on Jan. 14 about noon. “’It came from the north, and was traveling southeast, disappearing over Missionary Ridge. On Wednesday, it came south, and on Thursday, it returned north.’”

–Charles Fort, New Lands, p510 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974).

As if to make the date of the eclipse more memorable

On Nov. 16, 1910, a “meteor” appeared almost at the moment of totality of an eclipse of the moon, according to Eng. Mec., 92-430 and Nature, 85-118. The account in Nature reports that the object may have come from just below the eclipsed moon, ‘from an apparent radiant,’ according to an observer at Naas, Ireland. La Nature of Nov. 26 that same year reported that from Besancon, France, a meteor “like a superb rocket, ‘qui serait partie de la lune’” was seen. A Mrs. Albright reported, in Jour. B. A. A., 21-100, that a luminous point had been seen upon the moon throughout the eclipse.

–Charles Fort, New Lands, p506 (The Complete Books of Charles Fort, Dover, c1974).