Gary Gygax, RIP

 I never played the original D&D, although my ex had a copy of the yellow box. I didn’t start until 2nd edition. But here’s a blog post that’s a real blast from the past about going back in time and playing it.
Here’s another reference, this one in the New York Times. I wouldn’t be a geek if I didn’t link to it.

Mosaic continues

We played another session in Scott’s Mosaic campaign. Instead of adventuring to Freeport, as I expected we would do next, we were hired to assist a scholar intent on finding his ancestors’ lost elven civilization. This translated into “slog through a jungle.” Giuliana’s not keen on jungles (although Scott reminded me that it was my idea; he’d asked for suggestions about interesting environments). She did successfully knock out a nasty dinosaur with a well-placed sleep spell. We got enough XP to level up. Mordecai is up to 2d6 now for his eldritch blast. I need to do a lot of study of Giuliana’s spells to use them well. Playing a beguiler well seems to involve clever use of spells, particularly in combinations to create believable illusions. I’m hoping I’m up to the challenge.

Folk songs

 We started a new D&D campaign Saturday, with Scott DMing. One of my characters is a bard/beguiler, and playing a bard always reawakens my interest in folk music. To top it off, a  bandit leader of whom we’ve heard is called  Black Jack Davy. Naturally I had to dig out our Steeleye Span CDs and play that song this morning.

I’m currently on a search for sheet music. According to a helpful site on (Mostly) English Folk Music, all the Steeleye Span song books are out of print. Sigh. I have found a couple of very useful sites about English folk music. One is at the ever-useful Sacred Texts site, giving the complete text of the Child Ballads and the other is the Roud Folksong Index.

Long time no post

Gah, I’ve been so bad! Left Maggie and Emerson hanging and everything.

A lot’s happened since I last wrote, though, particularly the announcement of the 4th edition of D&D. I confess, I was a little freaked out by it. I mean, I have a CONSIDERABLE amount invested in 3.5 books. But the more I read about it, the more excited I am. Yeah, it means learning a new system, because it’s basically been rewritten from the ground up, but as I delve deeper into 3.5, I realize it’s SO complicated. Fourth edition is supposed to be streamlined. Of course, Scott and I will have to learn the new edition, if we want to continue to be gainfully employed in the gaming business. The good news about that is that Wizards of the Coast will once again provide the OGL and SRD, giving 3rd party publishers a chance for survival.

Side rant: Not that I ever see any payoff from my writing efforts. It’s now been 13 months since I’ve been paid a dime by Dog Soul. You definitely don’t get rich in this business.

One of the reasons I haven’t written is that I’ve been sooo busy. The new home page, designed by me, coded by Carissa, went live on August 1 to universal acclaim. There have been a few “I can’t finds”, but overall it was so much more pleasant than the last time. The last time you would’ve thought we were hacking up babies or something. But then again, we also went live with a new portal, and people still can’t make a distinction between the two.

In the ongoing campaign, the PCs have reached 10th level! Don’t know when that’s happened to us before. They are about to enter the Fane of Eclavdra and fight a honkin’ lot of drow. I was not impressed with my DMing last session. It was a giveaway, I let them have surprise rounds and the bad guys never got them. I’m hoping this time will be different. No. I’m PLANNING for this time to be different. I want it tough, as befits the sanctuary of an epic level evil chick.

Enough for now. Back to work!

Demise of Dragon and Dungeon

S pointed out to me today the announcement that Paizo will cease publication of both Dragon and Dungeon magazines in September. We are both very sad about it. Dragon has been around as long as I’ve known about D&D. I’m not the only one who felt kicked in the stomach over it. I always kinda hoped someday I’d come up with an article for it. S had two articles published there, one of which was anthologized in the Dragon Compendium. When I last checked the EN World boards, the discussion was 5 pages long. Wow, now it’s up to 14. Makes me sad. I always thought of it as the professional standard for gaming.

In other news, T slept most of the day. Hard to believe his surgery was a week ago today. It’s been a quick week. We walked to the mailbox and back again today. He kept complaining of being hot and then cold, and when we took his temp, it was 100.4. Within a couple of hours it was 101.5. According to the info we were given at the hospital, if he had a temp of 101, we should call the doctor. He got Lambeth, who was on call, on the phone; he said to take Tylenol and that it’s perfectly normal. Got me upset, though.

Spent a lot of time today working on the S’garde bridge adventure, which I think I’m entitling The Green Woman of Vaathwood. I write so terribly slow; I only got the first encounter done. In fairness, I am emulating the Slaughtergarde format, so I have to re-order the stat blocks that I’m using from the RPG cards of the D&D minis.