Novel progress

Back this summer, I posted that I was going to work on a past novel. I didn’t pursue that. I’ve started a brand new novel instead of picking up from long ago half-written bits. It doesn’t have a name yet, and I’m not really comfortable discussing it at this point. My chief (or possibly only) blog reader knows what it’s about and has been very helpful in research for it.

Here’s my progress on it:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,751 / 100,000

Doldrums 2

Rejection for "Detour" from Arkham Tales. Oh well. Not really the venue I was hoping for anyway.

I’m really at loose ends these days. There’s a writing project scratching at the edges of my subconscious, but it’s not there yet. No gaming for awhile, and I won’t push that. I need some kind of creative stimulation.

Story submitted!

After it languished forever in the bowels of Book of Dark Wisdom (ok, exaggeration–2 years) before that magazine folded, my Lovecraftian short story "Detour" has finally winged its way electronically to Arkham Tales. Perhaps I should say it flapped its byakheeian wings over empyrean shores of eldritch majesty. Yeah, that.

Writing Again

nitewanderer, you’ve inspired me to do some more writing. Before I rediscovered D&D, I wrote 2 (unpublished) novels, one of which I had professionally edited by Kathy Ptacek, who really liked it. I’m finding myself a little too stressed at the on-again, off-again nature of our gaming lately (lately due to stuff outside any control but God’s), and think I need another creative outlet. I’m looking into play-by-post, which intimidates me A LOT. I’m also dusting off currently-titled Dreams of the Dead. I don’t think that’s a great title, but it will stand for now. I’ve written at least 3 version of it that I can find, each with a different protagonist. Micah Saracen appeals to me most, so we’ll go with him for now. The location was also sparked by an suggestion by Kathy about setting a series of novels in "a college town where weird stuff happens," sort of like Charles L. Grant’s Black Oak series. (Sadly out of print. Oh, how I hate that there won’t be any more of those!)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,969 / 80,000

The brief description, from the prologue: Why would someone challenge the data in a published article in a completely fabricated field of study? Anyway, it’s all about ley lines and cemeteries set in Oakleigh University.

We’ll see how it goes.